The Barber Shop & Co. - The Randolph Allen Story
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The Randolph Allen Story

Randolph Allen began his career in the hair
industry at the age of 16.  As a young man
facing the challenge of working with barbers with
 much more experience, he made the decision to get
 ahead through education.  He attended as many schools
and training seminars that he could.  In just a few short
years he was gaining recognition as a leader in his field.

Randolph worked a barber for many years and
in the late 70's opened several unisex salons.
During that time he competed in many hair shows and competitions, winning numerous awards.

His true passion was the barber industry and
in 1988 he opened his first location of The Barber
Shop & Co.  The shop was a huge success and was soon followed by many more locations.  Randolph now has locations and franchises across the U.S.

Randolph decided to share his knowledge and
developed the Randolph Allen haircutting system and
 training program.  He then started passing along his
knowledge to the next generation of barbers.

Randolph Allen continues to offer training and education programs.  So when you see "By Randolph Allen"
or the "RA" logo you know you are getting the best.